The company Webagent is owned by Elias Sprengel. It falls under German law as "Kleinunternehmen". You can reach me via e-mail: info[at]webagent[dot]eu. If you really want to you can also send a letter to Webagent c/o my name in Berlin 10117. The street is called Zimmerstra├če and the number is: two hundred minus one hundred eight. Sorry for making this a bit awkward, but I really prefer if you rely on the e-mail address, especially if you are not human - no offense! Thank you.

If you are worried about your data, also send me an email. This website is not collecting any, but some of my projects are required to collect data. You can find the data privacy disclaimers on the individual project sites. If you can't and you would like to, reach out!

Have a lovely day.